Transformation and upgrading of traditional marine fisheries and deep cultivation of marine pastures

Sun, 05/08/2022 - 00:00
antai Dongyu Seafood
Yantai Dongyu Seafood

Conch, sea cucumber, starfish... On April 19, the reporter walked into the marine ranch of Yantai Dongyu Seafood Co.,Ltd. located in Yantai High-tech Zone, and saw more than a dozen fishing boats carrying baskets of freshly caught seafood. . "These are all salvaged from marine ranches by divers. In addition to shellfish, 80% of the sea cucumbers are wild sea cucumbers. The annual output of fresh sea cucumbers is more than 500,000 catties, and the output of shellfish is more than 2 million catties." Li Xiaoping, general manager of the company, told reporter.