Huadu Treasure Hunting | Create a benchmark in the field of imported ornamental fish

Sun, 02/05/2023 - 09:13
Zefeng Garden
Zefeng Garden

With the release of epidemic prevention and control, the humanities and quality consumption have gradually recovered and upgraded. It is a common practice to watch fish breeding. The purchase of fresh waterscape is not only the lifestyle of aquarium lovers, but also increasingly reflected in the interior design of business, leisure, tourism, catering and other scenes.

In 2023, "Zefeng Garden" will "start again" from a new starting point. However, fish farm breeding, wholesale of ornamental fish, import, export and sales of aquatic equipment are still the key business scope of "Zefeng Garden".

In the future, all ornamental fish legally imported to the southwest region will be transferred here, and will be quarantined and redistributed in strict accordance with relevant customs regulations in the city, surrounding areas and even throughout the country.

In recent years, in order to create an international market and improve the quality of aquarium, the aquarium products under "Zefeng Garden" are operated in various categories and marketed in the international market. With its rich experience in the field of aquarium for a long time, we can better understand the different needs of aquarium lovers, which is also the basic basis for the product development of "Zefeng Garden", and constantly create new products that are proud and in line with the market trend.