Ranking of Top Ten Domestic Taiwan Fishing Rod Brands

Tue, 02/14/2023 - 20:47
Bao Feilong 
Bao Feilong rod

Taiwan fishing fishing rod is a kind of hand rod, and generally does not need to use the reel and guide ring. It is mostly used for Taiwan fishing, most of which are long knots, and the stretching length will not exceed 8.1 meters. According to factors such as water conditions, fish conditions and fishing methods, they can also be divided into crucian carp rods, carp rods, comprehensive rods, large object rods, and black fishing rods. heikeng rods and so on. Heineken is the fashionable title of commercial fish pond for fishing enthusiasts. 

10 Chinese Taiwan fishing rod brands. The quality is not inferior to the international brands, and the price is more affordable.

1. Bao Feilong 
2. Guang Wei 
3. Yi Long 
4. Ming Lun 
5. Kai Wo Jing Gong
6. Huashi 
7. Tian Yuan 
8. Jian Gang 
9. Dijia 
10. Shuangbao