Suzhou Shanghua Fishing Tackle Exhibition

Thu, 03/16/2023 - 13:43
Shanghua Fishing Tackle Show
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In recent years, the participation of fishing in social platforms has become popular. Fishing has attracted many fishing enthusiasts nationwide. The popularity of related products and services is no longer limited to the inner circle, attracting more people to participate in fishing.

Suzhou Shanghua Fishing Tackle Exhibition was initiated by Shanghai Huamu Co., Ltd. and has been held for more than 30 sessions since 1989. This year's summer exhibition will be held on May 27-29. 

China's formal fishing tackle fairs began in the late 1980s. At that time, in Beijing, several fishing tackle ordering fairs of various sizes appeared almost simultaneously. Among them, Beijing Bihai Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. The fishing gear order meeting held by the company.

Immediately afterwards, the enthusiasm for holding fishing exhibitions in various places was high. Up to now, after fierce competition in fishing tackle exhibitions, Bihai (China) Fishing Tackle Industry Exhibition, China International Fishing Tackle Exhibition, Suzhou Shanghua Fishing Tackle Exhibition, Dachang Fishing Tackle City Exhibition, Guangzhou Jinhuadi Fishing Tackle Exhibition has become the five most important fishing fairs in the hearts of fishing tackle companies. Among them, Bihai (China) Fishing Tackle Industry Exhibition is a well-deserved leader and has grown into a famous business card of China's fishing tackle industry.