Guolian Aquatic: lease or sell aquaculture assets, and no longer engage in aquaculture business!

Wed, 06/22/2022 - 21:51
Guolian Aquatic
Guolian Aquatic official website
The upstream sector of the company has been in a relatively large loss in recent years. The company has rented and sold some upstream aquaculture facilities to store fish in net cages, and stopped the loss in time, which is conducive to reducing the company's capital investment in the upstream sector and focusing the capital investment on the aquatic food processing business.

IPO | China's largest sea cucumber seedling farmer, Anyuan Seed Industry, plans to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Tue, 06/07/2022 - 17:42
Anyuan Marine Breeding Company
Anyuan official website
The company stated that the raised funds are planned to be used to establish the fourth production base in the Bajiao Bay Marine Economic Innovation Zone, Yantai City, Shandong Province;

Xianmeilai hits the first share of aquatic pre-made dishes

Wed, 05/11/2022 - 10:08
Xianmeilai official website
Xianmeilai Food is one of the participants in the pre-made dishes of aquatic products in China. The company's main business is the R&D, production and sales of pre-made dishes of aquatic products, mainly including instant pre-cooked dishes based on shrimp slip and instant pre-made dishes based on shrimp and sashimi.

In the first quarter of 2022, CNFC expects a loss of 12 million to 13 million, a year-on-year loss reduction

Wed, 04/20/2022 - 12:04
CNFC's the main business since its listing has always revolved around pelagic fishery. In recent years, the company has adjusted its strategic layout, focused on, enlarged and strengthened the tuna fishing industry, and continued to consolidate and develop the self-operated trade business of aquatic products.

Yanhua group won over Zhangzi Island with 343 million yuan

Tue, 04/12/2022 - 09:14
Zhangzi Island
Zhangzi Island

The 109.96 million Zhangzi Island shares held by Changhai Zhangzi Island Investment and Development Center  have been auctioned by the judiciary due to the repurchase dispute of pledged securities. After this auction, the investment and development center has completely lost its controlling position in Zhangzi Island. Dalian Yanhua Group Co., Ltd.  won this part of the equity with 34,291,026 yuan and will become the largest shareholder of Zhangzi Island with a shareholding ratio of 15.46%.

The epidemic catalyzed the development of the industry, and the concept of pre-made foods is active

Mon, 04/11/2022 - 20:40

AVIC Securities pointed out that since the outbreak, Jingdong Seven Fresh Food, Meituan Maicai, Hema, Daily Fresh and Dingdong Maicai have successively entered the pre-made food market. For B-end catering enterprises, affected by the epidemic, the operation is difficult, and the production cost of pre-made foods is low and the profit margin is higher; For C-end consumers, the epidemic has given birth to the "house economy". Pre-made foods have the advantages of convenience, quickness and diverse tastes.

Per capita consumption is 131 yuan, more than Haidilao! Qixintian restaurant plans to be listed in Hong Kong

Fri, 04/08/2022 - 09:13

The first Qixintian restaurant was opened in 2006. After more than 10 years of development, qixintian International Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as qixintian) plans to rush to the listing of Hong Kong stocks.

Qixintian restaurant focuses on seafood products led by crabs, which is characterized by "eating two in one pot", that is, the combination of two distinct eating methods of seafood and hot pot.

Maiguang Technology established a wholly-owned aquarium products subsidiary

Thu, 03/31/2022 - 08:47
Maiguang Technology
Maiguang Technology

Maiguang Technology (872281.NQ), a new third board company, recently issued an announcement on the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary.

The announcement shows that the company intends to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary, Guangzhou Haochen Aquarium Products Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 1 million yuan.

It is reported that Maiguang Technology was listed on the New Third Board on November 27, 2017. Its main business is research and development, design, production and sales of aquarium equipments.