Douyin crayfish takeaway exploded, merchants earn 100,000 yuan a day, is Meituan afraid?

Sun, 05/08/2022 - 19:03

In March 2021, Douyin Local Life began to increase the promotion of group buying business. In addition to enjoying free online access and 0 commission for group buying packages, the first batch of key city merchants can also get traffic support.

In addition to crayfish, many hot pot and barbecue restaurants have also started delivery business on Douyin. The owner noticed that in order to let customers eat barbecue at home, Douyin has added magnetic stoves, smokeless grills, barbecue racks, disposable tablecloths, etc. to the Douyin limited-time group purchase meal, which can be flashed to home for 388 yuan; Give away a stove set, including pots and fuel.