Western Hunan catering culture adds a new business card, Wulong Shanzhai launches "Salamander Full Banquet"

Sun, 06/19/2022 - 17:07
Steamed salamander
Steamed salamander dish

On June 17th, at the Wulong Shanzhai Restaurant, a feast of "the most precious salamander, entertain the precious you" - the whole feast of Xiangxi giant salamander was put on the market.

The whole feast of giant salamanders in Wulong cottage makes full use of the ingredients of "the whole body of the giant salamander is a treasure", and uses various parts of the giant salamander to create 12 exquisite "salamander" products. In terms of material selection, the giant salamander has been artificially cultivated for 4-5 years and grown into a giant salamander of 5-7 pounds. It is steamed, stewed, simmered, roasted, and fried to retain the delicious and original taste of the giant salamander, and pay attention to the taste and aftertaste. According to the characteristics of each part, give it the best form to cook and produce. In the combination of the whole banquet, special ingredients such as Xiangxi berry tea, rock ear, and pueraria are also added.