Grilled fish has become a single product of 100 million yuan, the logic of the explosion of aquatic pre-made dishes

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 22:37
Grilled fish
grilled fish (餐饮O2O)

Pre-made dishes are on fire from terminal B to terminal C, and many top players pour in to bet on the pre-made dishes track. Judging from the development status of domestic pre-made dishes, although the categories of pre-made dishes are complex and diverse, there is a lack of national popular items such as crayfish and hot pot that are highly recognized by consumers.

It has become an industry consensus to improve product research and development capabilities and create large single products. This year's 618, Guolian Aquatic Group's Xiaobalong pineapple grilled fish is the next prefabricated dish after seasoned crayfish.