Fish fillet on the pre-made food express train

Tue, 03/29/2022 - 16:00
fish fillet
fish fillet

Taking a fancy to the fiery pre-made food market, choosing fish in aquatic product processing and further focusing on fish fillet processing have become the new strategic positioning of many aquatic product brands.

The main aquatic products of Guangdong He's Aquatic Products Co., Ltd., a veteran aquatic product enterprise, include sweet-scented osmanthus fish, sea bass, channel catfish, etc. Currently, the main products are California sea bass fillets and black fish fillets.

Suzhou Yuehai Food Group Co., Ltd., as one of the earliest teams to promote black fish fillets, is expected to launch 15-20 pre-made foods this year, mainly based on aquatic pre-made foods.

Consumption upgrades, changes in eating habits, and the impact of the epidemic have brought huge demand for pre-made foods. Under the pressure of rent, labor, time cost, and the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, the advantages of convenient, fast and stable quality fish fillet pre-made foods are prominent.