2022 China Boat Fishing Lure Open

Wed, 09/21/2022 - 10:49
lure fishing
lure fishing

A few days ago, the opening competition of the 2022 China Boat Fishing (Lure) Open sub-station ended at the Xiangyang Lake International Fishing Base in Beitun, Xinjiang. Local player Li Hailong won the championship with a total score of 744 cm, setting a new record for the event. At the same time, he was also qualified for the national boat fishing team and is expected to represent China in the 10th World Boat Fishing Championships. Fan Lifeng and Li Fudong won the runner-up and third runner-up respectively with a total length of 682 cm and 680 cm. Li Gang won the award for the largest single tail with a 105cm pike.

This competition lasted 2 days and a total of 14 hours. It was the designated target fish length competition for Kayak boat fishing. Designated pike (≥50cm), perch (≥25cm), and tall jalapeno (≥20cm), a maximum of three target fishes can be submitted each day, and the results of a single game will be calculated, and the total score will be 18 in two games The total length of fish caught is ranked.