Guanhai Seafood launches pre-made food package

Thu, 03/31/2022 - 16:14
pre-made food
pre-made foods

Guanhai Seafood's exports in the first two months of the year increased by 100% year-on-year. Ke Ruicheng, chairman of Guanhai Seafood said: "Our company now has a professional and technical team of more than 100 people in aquatic products, and invests more than 10 million yuan in scientific research every year. I require the scientific research team to produce a product every week, a new product every month, a boutique every six months, and a year." Explosive products'." Ke Ruicheng said that strict requirements and high investment have kept its products highly competitive. Take the company's signature pre-made shrimp slips as an example. Its production technology has been updated and iterated to version 4.0. Through low-temperature vacuum tumbling, astaxanthin and other ingredients are preserved to the greatest extent, and the taste and nutrients of aquatic products are preserved.