Hundred yuan fishing rod: Chuangwei Lingtian's second generation all-around version, which is cost-effective for recreational wild fishing

Mon, 10/31/2022 - 11:46
Chuangwei Lingtian II
Chuangwei Lingtian II

As the first pre-sale giant fishing rod during the Double 11 Festival, the second generation of Chongwei Lingtian Giant Edition will surely give you a great surprise. And the ultra-high cost performance is also the basis for your choice.

Chuangwei Lingtian 2nd Generation is a series of Taiwan fishing rods, which aims to make a substantial upgrade based on the feedback of anglers on Chuangwei Lingtian series fishing rods. It also comes into being to adapt to the increasingly developed professional fishing gear production.

Chuangwei Lingtian II All around Edition:
The first fishing rod in the Chuangwei Lingtian II of Chongwei Lingtian series is fully coated with blue and purple gradient, which is colorful and highly recognizable. This fishing rod can be described as strong and tough. It is a comprehensive all-around fishing rod, especially for silver carp and bighead carp. It is designed with large vertebrality, precise casting, comfortable holding, new design, breakthrough hardness improvement, more stable fish control, and faster fish return.

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