Weihai fishing tackles go overseas

Sun, 11/20/2022 - 21:09
lure fishing tackles
lure fishing tackles

This year's "Double 11" came to an end. With the popularity of outdoor fishing gear, the sales of Lure fishing equipment increased by more than 220% on a year-on-year basis four hours before Tmall Global's opening. More fishing gear brands entered the "Billionaire Club" one day after their opening. As well as the booming domestic trade, as a major exporter of fishing gear, China has contracted 80% of the world's fishing gear, of which seven cities are "made in Weihai". Data shows that there are nearly 300 fishing gear customers in Weihai served by Alibaba International Station, ranking first in the distribution of goods sources.

Although the domestic fishing gear market has shown a steady growth trend in recent years, the foreign trade situation has experienced some twists and turns. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the International Fishing Tackle Exhibition held every year in Weihai was suspended, and overseas dealers were blocked from purchasing in Weihai. As a result, many fishing tackle manufacturers lost the best opportunity to open up overseas markets. However, just as the purchasing habits of domestic consumers have shifted from offline to online, overseas distributors have also learned to purchase across oceans online, and they have collected Weihai fishing gear on platforms such as Ali International Station and Amazon.

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