Layout of the aquarium pet track, Ocean Whisper received tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing

Wed, 11/23/2022 - 14:51
Ocean Whisper
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Traditional aquarium pet track, no monopolistic brands in the market, few industry merchants, the annual sales of leading enterprises in the industry are only 1 billion/year; most merchants in the aquarium pet industry do not have R&D and breeding capabilities, low brand awareness, and marketing level weaker. The entire track is still in its infancy.

What Haixiang said is to focus on the brand positioning of "technology + pets + light home decoration", take root in the aquarium pet track in the initial stage, and focus on the category of smart sea tanks; while continuously promoting and expanding the scale of the core product smart sea tanks , and continue to expand product dimensions, extending to landscaping materials, sea water & consumables and other peripheral products.

Haixiangshuo(Ocean Whisper)'s products are divided into 5 categories, including: smart sea tanks, landscaping materials, seawater & consumables, marine cute pets, accessories & tools. The smart sea tank (square nest series) that the company has put on the market is priced in the range of 1999-2999 yuan. It is an integrated smart micro tank with a volume of 1.5L. It has an intelligent constant temperature system, automatic feeding, intelligent egg separator, and app intelligent control. And other functions, matching the formula seawater + standard breeding method, lowering the threshold for Xiaobai breeding sea tanks.

Haixiangshuo is a brand of Shenzhen Haishiguang Technology Co., Ltd., adhering to the original intention of sharing the beauty of the ocean, exploring the deep-seated needs of consumers for quality of life, personalization, and intelligence, combining creative design, extreme craftsmanship, intelligent technology and Exploration and research in many aspects such as life aesthetics, integrating marine elements, and creating an intelligent product ecology.

Haixiang said that it takes the lead in desktop intelligent marine ecological tanks, and uses years of technical accumulation in the professional field of marine landscapes to provide users with an integrated intelligent solution for home viewing with formula seawater products, maintenance nutrition products, and viewing magnifying glass products. At the same time, focusing on categories such as personal care, home furnishing, and consumer electronics, the ocean-related beautiful elements are brought into users' lives to improve their quality of life.

In addition to the personal consumption market, Haixiangshuo undertakes large-scale customized ocean landscape projects and provides one-stop ocean viewing solutions for personalized business needs.