The 22nd China Koi Show

Mon, 01/02/2023 - 19:04
Champion koi carp
Champion koi carp

From December 17 to 19, the three-day "Shenyang Cup" 22nd China Koi Show ended in Nanhong Cultural and Creative Park, Shunde, Guangdong. 

On the day of the competition on December 17, after a fierce selection, the final winner of the 22nd China Koi Carp Competition was a love koi carp brought by Mr. Yuan Jiandong, a 96 cm large and regular tricolor.  

The China Koi Show is the top Koi competition in China. It has been held once a year since 2001, second only to the All Japan Koi Evaluation Conference (known as the Tokyo Competition in the Koi industry). Since the 15th session in 2015, it has been settled in Ronggui, Shunde for eight consecutive years.