20 Ornamental Prawns at S$500,000

Fri, 01/06/2023 - 14:51

The two-day Asian Ornamental Fish and Horticultural Exhibition attracted about 28,000 visitors.

The asking price for 20 ornamental shrimps as small as a little finger is almost equivalent to a five-room pre-purchased HDB flat! This new species of ornamental shrimp "golden-eyed red ghost" bred in Singapore was recently sold for SGD 500,000. It was one of the highlights of the first "Aquatic & Garden Asia Show" that just ended.

Zhuo Zhiqiang, an ornamental shrimp breeder, pointed out in an interview that most of the ornamental shrimps on the market are solid colors, such as black or red, which inspired him to breed the golden-eyed red ghost shrimp with red translucent body and golden eyes.