The 2022 Hunan Fishing Contest ends

Sat, 01/07/2023 - 13:54
Players show their skills

Players show their skills

On December 31, the "Golden Eye Cup" Hunan Fishing Competition in 2022 was held in the fishing base of Hunan Water Cube Agricultural Science and Technology.

96 contestants from 14 cities in Hunan participated in four competitions by drawing lots, namely, 4.5 m hand rod fishing object tail count competition (two games) and 4.5 m hand rod fishing mixed fish weight competition. During the competition, the contestants showed their skills to attract fish with different fishing methods, professional fishing gear and secret bait. They were so engrossed in the fish floats that they never missed any signals of being caught in the fish. In the end, Yang Lang from Miluo, Yueyang, Mo Shan from Changsha, and Li Xidong from Changsha won the first, second and third places.