Koi China: Koi farming helps development

Sat, 01/07/2023 - 17:31
Koi farm
Koi farm

Starting from the Dazhuang Community Service Center, Qianjiang, Chongqing, you can walk along the brook for 5 minutes, and then you can see a large pond. Here, the flowing water is murmuring and the koi are playing

Koi is a kind of high-grade ornamental fish, which has the reputation of "living gem in water", "art that can swim", etc. It is understood that the koi raised by Xie Zhao can also be artificially bred from fry to adult, which is a long-term industry.

Xie Zhao said: "When the farm was first built, there were only about 10 koi, but after a year of breeding, there are now nearly 1,000 koi, all of which are of high quality. Now our breeding scale has 6 mu of land, including 3 earthen ponds and a greenhouse shed. There are about 100 2-year-old fish, and about 900 that year old fish. The combined output value of all the fish is more than 2.5 million yuan."