Analysis on the Development of Chinese Ornamental Fish Market

Mon, 01/16/2023 - 14:02

Recently, the Huajing Industrial Research Institute released the "Analysis of the Development Status and Prospects of China's Ornamental Fish Industry in 2022". This report starts with the development status of the ornamental fish industry and analyzes and predicts the future development prospects of the ornamental fish industry based on the data of previous years.

Abundant native ornamental fish
But the exploitation is not enough

The report mentioned that Chinese native fish species are rich and complete, with more than 3,000 native fish species, about one-third of which belong to freshwater fish. With the blessing of such abundant fishery resources, there are a large number of native ornamental fish species with great ornamental value. Due to the rich variety, Huajing Industry Research Institute has listed some representative and common native ornamental fish species.