2023 China Shenzhen Outdoor Lure Exhibition and Outdoor Fishing Products Exhibition

Tue, 02/07/2023 - 03:31
Lure fishing show
Lure fishing show

It is a cross-border event for multiple outdoor activities. The exhibition covers nine popular outdoor sports and leisure activities, including mountaineering and rock climbing, camping and picnics, ice and snow sports, water sports, lure fishing, cycling, and urban fashion sports.

Time: March 17-19, 2023

Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

1. Lure equipment: lure bait, lure fishing rod, lure accessories, lure luggage, lure clothing, lure safety equipment, lure boat, lure propeller, lure RV, lure off-road vehicle, lure Gifts, lure decoration, lure equipment maintenance, lure invention, lure fish finder, etc.;

2. Fishing gear: fishing rod (hand rod, sea rod, fly fishing rod, boat fishing rod, ice fishing rod, etc.), fishing, Floats and accessories, fishing ropes and clues, fishing clothing, hats, shoes, gloves, waterproof products, etc., swivels, space beans, fish erbium, lead pendants, fish bells, hook removers, small tools, erbium, cages, pins, Hook line connectors, fishing tackle boxes and other fishing supplies;

3. Fishing tackle bags: netting, rod bags, mountaineering bags, leisure bags, etc.;

4. Fishing gear accessories: guide eyes, fishing reel seats, bearings, springs, rod handles, rod tips , reels, fishing reel handles, professional fishing knives, etc.; 5. Outdoor products exhibition area, outdoor camping exhibition area, outdoor cycling exhibition area