Haichang Ocean Park fell more than 13% and was removed from the MSCI China Index

Fri, 02/10/2023 - 15:36

On February 10, Haichang Ocean Park (02255) opened low and moved low. As of press time, it fell more than 13% to HK$1.920 per share. On the news side, on the same morning, MSCI, a world-renowned index company, announced the results of quarterly audit changes. Among them, Haichang Ocean Park was excluded from the MSCI China Index. The adjustment will take effect after the market closes on February 28.

It is reported that on November 11, 2022, MSCI announced the results of the semi-annual audit changes, Haichang Ocean Park was transferred in, and the effective date was November 30. What is even more surprising is that after being included, on the second day after the effective date, on December 1 last year, Haichang Ocean’s stock price crashed by more than 70%.