Weihai City builds a ten-billion industry of online fishing tackles

Fri, 02/17/2023 - 08:55

Weihai focuses on the development of e-commerce industry belt, focusing on promoting the integration of new business forms, leading enterprises, online brand promotion, e-commerce talent training and other four "grab points", and focuses on creating a ten-billion industry on fishing tackle. So far, the city has formed an all-factor industrial system based on carbon and composite materials, fishing rod finished products, fishing gear accessories, equipment R&D and manufacturing, with more than 1,150 fishing rod production and supporting enterprises, 8,418 operating enterprises and 5,895 individual businesses.

Guangwei Group, Baofeilong Fishing Gear, Yuquan Fishing Gear and other old fishing gear enterprises in Weihai have opened online sales stores such as Tmall and JD, established diversified Internet sales channels, and helped brand building and market development.

Handing fishing tackle has ranked first in Tmall's fishing rod sales list for seven consecutive years, and Fuyuan Baichuan fishing tackle ranks first in the vertical category sales of Kuaishou platform. Xingtai's silicon nitride guide ring, Langbao's electric fishing line wheel, Zhongheng's electric decoy, and Hailong King's fishing line have become industry leaders.