Foshan held the first China Juvenile Koi Competition

Thu, 02/23/2023 - 12:47
Various koi fish
Various koi fish

On the morning of February 18, the first China Juvenile Koi Competition opened in Foshan. This is the third national top competition in the field of Koi industry held in Foshan after the China Koi Competition and the China Koi Ruo Li Competition. So far, the "national name" competition in three stages of the growth of adult koi, immaturity koi and juvenile koi has been held in Foshan.

Ruo Li refers to the carp with a body length of no more than 65 cm, which has been growing for 2 to 3 years.

It is understood that there are more than 100 species of koi breeding in Foshan, the area of koi breeding reaches 10,000 mu, the annual seedling breeding capacity reaches more than 500 million, the output of high-quality koi is about 20 million, and the transaction value reaches 10 billion yuan. The koi output value ranks first in the province.