Langbao fishing gear: a small fishing line wheel dedicated to sea fishing

Tue, 02/28/2023 - 21:25
Langbao fishing

Entering the product exhibition hall of Langbao fishing gear, dozens of fishing line wheels of different sizes and appearances were arranged in order ". According to Wang Xiren, the chairman of the board, as the earliest enterprise in the domestic industry to make fishing line, China's first fishing line industry standard was established on the basis of the enterprise standard formulated by Langbao. For decades, Langbao has been focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of fishing line gear products by deeply cultivating technology and adhering to ingenuity. They firmly believe that only by focusing on one product can we achieve extraordinary results.

"At present, our fishing line wheel products are mainly divided into four categories: spinning wheel, horizontal wheel, digital display wheel and electric wheel." Wang Xiren said that different fishing line wheels have their own functions, characteristics and fishing methods and fishing environment. Even the same fishing line wheel will be subdivided into several different models and configurations.