Today, 2022 Qianjiang crayfish fishing starts

Sun, 03/20/2022 - 22:56
Today, 2022 Qianjiang lobster fishing starts
Qianjiang crayfish

The March 20 coincides with the lunar equinox. In the morning, China crayfish trading center held the 2022 crayfish catching ceremony in Qianjiang.

After 20 years of development, the brand value of Qianjiang crayfish has exceeded 25 billion yuan, and the breeding area has reached 900,000 mu. Every year, nearly 200,000 tons of crayfish climb from Qianjiang to the dining table in more than 500 cities across the country. There are more than 3,000 crayfish directly-operated stores, chain stores and franchise stores, and nearly 3 million tourists come to Qianjiang to eat shrimp every year.