The trend of exporting to domestic sales is obvious, and the younger generation is boosting the "rise of the national eel"

Mon, 06/20/2022 - 17:13
Eel sales are growing rapidly
Eel sales are growing rapidly

In the past two years, Chinese eel exports have turned to domestic sales. The number of domestic eel-related catering businesses has grown at a rate of over 14% for two consecutive years. The variety of eel dishes has reached more than 60,000, and nearly 10 million Chinese eat it at least once a month. eel.

Prices of live eels in Japan's main producing areas have risen across the board

Tue, 05/31/2022 - 20:33

Less than 2 months are left before the Ugly Eel Festival in Japan this summer. On the 24th of this month, the prices of live eels in all major producing areas in Japan were all raised. It is reported that the price of live eels in Aichi Mikawa Isshiki, Shizuoka and other real estates will increase by 200 yen. After the price increase, the new eels in the two places will be 3p 4000 yen, 4p 4600 yen, and 5p 4800 yen; 2-year-old eels will be 3p 3800 days. Yuan, 4p 4400 yen, 5p 4600 yen.

The 2022 eel fry fishing season ends, and about 18 tons of seedlings have been cast in mainland China

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 21:21

As of May 13, a total of 42,050-42,350kg eel seedlings had been captured in the three East Asian countries and regions. Among them, 9,200kg eel seedlings were captured in Japan, accounting for 21.8% of the total; In mainland China, 29290-29,440kg eel larvae were captured, accounting for 69.6% of the total; 1460-1610kg eel seedlings were captured in China Taiwan, accounting for 3.6% of the total; South Korea has captured 2100Kg eel seedlings, accounting for 5.0% of the total.

Zhaoping: "eel" industry ignites new hope of getting rich

Wed, 04/27/2022 - 08:47
Staff are picking eels
Staff are picking eels
Yang Hongwa, Head of Majiang Town Eel Breeding Demonstration Base: From last year to now, there are more than 300 tons of eel, and this year's target is more than 500 tons, and the output value is between 40 million yuan and 50 million yuan. Products are mainly sold domestically, and a small part is exported.

Japanese company declares bankruptcy after disguising Chinese eel as Japanese

Tue, 04/12/2022 - 19:40

According to Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" website reported on the 12th, a company in Nara Prefecture, Japan was previously exposed to forge Chinese-made eels as Japanese products and sell them. The Katsuragi Branch of the Nara District Court decided to start bankruptcy procedures for the company involved on the 12th.

Eel market survey: a shop sells 6,000 kilograms a month, and processing enterprises rush orders

Sat, 04/09/2022 - 11:44
eel market
eel market

Do you like eel? China's per capita eel consumption exceeds 100 yuan

Eel is loved by many people because of its nutrition and delicious taste. In recent years, the consumption of eel has been increasing, especially after the epidemic, the sales volume in the domestic market has increased more rapidly, with a year-on-year increase of more than 50%.
During the visit, the reporter learned that there are more than 2,000 eel restaurants in Shanghai alone, and this number is still increasing.


Shangrao Customs: tax reduction, fee reduction and excellent service to smooth the supply chain of roast eel

Sat, 04/09/2022 - 11:22

Recently, more than 40 batches of imported eel fry "tax exemption certificate" was successfully completed in Shangrao customs, which will reduce and exempt nearly 8 million yuan of value-added tax for eel fry import enterprises.

Meituan data: Eel dishes increased by 66% in two years, and "eel fried rice" became a popular style

Sat, 04/09/2022 - 10:20
Fuqing eel farm
Fuqing eel farm

Meituan data show that more than 10 million Chinese people eat eel at least once a month. Consumers in Beijing and Shanghai have become high-frequency eel consumers, and "eel fried rice" has become a hot money. In addition, eel hot pot, eel barbecue, eel dumplings and other Chinese practices have been renovated, deeply stirring the taste buds of Chinese people.

Shunde eel │ a fish brings rich people

Fri, 04/08/2022 - 20:27
Shunde eel
Shunde eel

Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province is the "hometown of eel in China", and its representative village is Leliu Renhai village.
In the development of Shunde eel industry, a complete eel industry chain and industry service system have been gradually formed, such as eel seedling cultivation, eel breeding, feed production, roast eel processing and product export. This has also created an irreplaceable position and great influence of Shunde eel industry in the domestic and even international market.