Panyu Fully Automatic Factory Breed Blue Cod Fish for Export to Singapore

Sun, 09/10/2023 - 19:32
blue cod fish
blue cod fish

At Guangzhou Ruifeng Fishery Development Co., Ltd. in Haiou Island, Shilou Town, Panyu District, employees are busy packing, counting, and packing boxes of aquatic products. Panyu Customs staff supervise and take photos all the way... This is the first time that Guangzhou Ruifeng Fishery Development Co., Ltd.'s blue cod fish (Oxyeleotris marmoratus) has been exported to Singapore, and it is also the first time that fresh aquatic products from Panyu District have been exported to Singapore.

In Haiou Island, Panyu District, the fully automated factory breeding workshop has imported the "King of Freshwater Fish" blue cod fish from overseas. After hybrid breeding and modern breeding, the quality of the fish is better, and it has achieved "reverse export" to Singapore, Malaysia and other places.

This variety has various advantages such as fast growth rate, low deformity rate, high survival rate, high nutritional value, and strong environmental adaptability, effectively breaking through the bottleneck of feed feeding.

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