The "Money" of koi farming is like scenery

Tue, 11/28/2023 - 09:49
koi farm
Koi farm (Liying Village)

Liying Village, Zhangjiaji Town, Xiangzhou District, the "hometown of koi", relies on abundant water resources and traditional aquaculture technology to build a thousand-acre ornamental fish breeding base.

Recently, the fry released by Liu Mingbing in April this year, a koi farmer in the village, have been put on the market, and colorful koi are swimming happily in the water. "Currently, our village has a breeding area of more than 800 acres, with an output of about 2,500 kilograms per mu. The output value of fry and finished fish is about 30,000 yuan per acre." Liu Mingbing said that the koi varieties currently farmed in Liying Village are divided into red grass, There are three varieties of gold and black gold. More than 80% of the koi are sold as bait. Some good-quality koi are kept for one year and sold as ornamental fish.

Today, the ornamental fish from Liying Village has become a local specialty brand and is sold to major flower and bird markets in Xiangyang City and surrounding areas, achieving both ecological and economic benefits.
"Through study abroad, I found that the koi market is good. Both fry and finished fish are valuable. We can adjust the sales specifications at any time according to purchasing needs." Song Yanhua, secretary of the village party branch, said.