Guangxi: Lingshan produces an average of 100 billion freshwater fish and 3 billion fry annually, with an annual output value of 150 million yuan

Wed, 05/11/2022 - 09:39
Take out the fry and pack them for loading

Take out fry and
pack them for loading

Lingshan County has a mild climate, convenient transportation and beautiful natural environment, and has unique advantages in developing the fish fry industry. At present, the county produces an average of about 100 billion freshwater fish and 3 billion fish fry every year, 90% of which are sold all over the country, with an annual output value of about 150 million yuan.

The fragrance of North Sea seafood products at home and abroad

Mon, 04/25/2022 - 14:43
Production enterprises in Hepu Industrial Park

Production enterprise
in Hepu Industrial Park

Recently, at the self operated fishing port of Mauritania's pelagic fishery Park, the pelagic fishing vessel from Guangxi Xiangheshun pelagic fishing Co., Ltd., a Chinese Guangxi Beihai enterprise, slowly entered the port with hundreds of tons of catch, loaded, weighed and entered the factory... This batch of the largest amount of pelagic fishing catch since the beginning of this year, after intensive processing in the core processing base of the park, will be delivered to diners' tables around the world.

Entering the "blue granary" - Golden pomfret

Fri, 04/22/2022 - 13:41
golden pomfret
golden pomfret

According to the established strategic plan, Haid Group officially began to enter the marine industry in 2021. Its subsidiary "Guangxi Ronghai" is located in the hinterland of the Beibu Gulf - the sea off the beautiful Jiangshan Peninsula in Fangchenggang City. Pomfret deep-sea cage aquaculture industry builds a "blue granary", promotes rural revitalization, and drives local fishermen to achieve common prosperity.

Small seedlings breed big industry

Tue, 04/12/2022 - 12:02
Green crabs
Green crabs

Su Zhongxing, 48, is a native of Fangchenggang. Relying on the rich marine resources, he bravely became a trendsetter in the marine seedling breeding industry. After 16 years of struggle, he was promoted from mariculture Xiaobai to marine seedling cultivation expert. Today, the sea water seedling breeding base of Su Zhongxing has cultivated many varieties such as green crab seedlings, shrimp seedlings, fish and shellfish, with an annual sales of about 300 million seedlings, effectively driving the surrounding sea water aquaculture industry and enriching the people.